TYG Spectacles x MINI / PittiUomo 88

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Monaco / Florence.

Driving a MINI is equivalent to taking a position. And now you can say the same about those who dress MINI. On the occasion of the 88th Pitti Uomo, MINI met with six young Italian talented and with the leaders of the fashion fair Pitti Uomo men’s draw for the first MINI Capsule Collection. The results were six premium accessories that combine Italian craftsmanship with creative details and innovative, inspired by the new MINI Clubman.

Tradition meets avant-garde

They are young, they love anything that is unconventional and are masters in their art in a symbiotic partnership, the creative personality of the brands responsible SuperDuper, TYG Spectacles, Alberto Awards and Pijama, along with the creator of fragrances Paola Bottai and the team with the Proraso ‘illustrator Peter Nicolaucich, have joined MINI to design and create the “MINI Gentleman’s Collection inspired by MINI Clubman.” What ensued was a series of classic pieces of fashion that meet a modern design. The designers have taken inspiration from reality button of Italian fashion, from traditional masculine tailoring craftsmanship and great craftsmanship (all equally expressed) and New MINI Clubman, which celebrates its world premiere in 2015. The six men’s accessories including a hat , a pair of sunglasses, a pair of shoes, a bag, a perfume and a shaving kit.

TYG glasses: sunglasses for the Gentleman

The sunglasses are a must-have accessory for the man and those proposed by TYG combine high quality acetate with brushed metal to give a sporty and elegant custom, while their elliptical shape and minimalist design resume design elements of the new MINI Clubman.

The acronym “TYG” means “Three Young Gentlemen,” referring to the three founders of this brand of Italian eyewear. All three have their own personal style but share the same vision: the creation of premium sunglasses that can be timeless and contemporary. They are made exclusively with hand-finished materials coming from the tradition-bound of Varese Mazzucchelli and lenses with high quality Carl Zeiss Vision.

MINI and Pitti Immagine

Pitti Immagine is an annual fair held in Italy, focused on the world of fashion and Pitti Uomo men’s fashion event, takes place in Florence twice a year since 1972. Here are promoted young brand on the rise and unconventional. The partnership between MINI and Pitti Immagine, which encompasses a number of projects, was launched in January 2015. On the occasion of the 87th Pitti Uomo, for example, MINI and Pitti have awarded the most talented young designers Alberto Awards , which has since presented its innovative collection of shoes in a MINI Special Edition on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April 2015.

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