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Three Young Gentlemen, is an up-and-coming Italian eyewear line, inspired by its three founding directors, each with his own personality and style, but all with one common vision: eyewear that is both timeless and current.
The fusion of past with new slants is the collective source of inspiration of the entire firm.
A new way to see sunglasses expressed through a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional styles in a modern way.

TYG is gleeful and elegant at the same time, for people who want to feel different and protagonist in every moment of their lives.




The production is completely handmade in Italy by a family-run company that has experience of
over 60 years in the business. This company is still run by the said family and combines a high
level of technology and expertise.

Handmade in Italy by high-end, experienced manufacturer, TYG offers the best quality available in the market. Every single material is accurately produced in Italy.




All materials are produced by historical Italian company that is one of the global leader in the production of acetate.

Cellulose acetate is a natural material derived from cotton fiber, it is 100% natural, 100% anti-allergic and is considered the best and most precious material in the eyewear sector.